All-In-One Travel Excursions are the New Thing

I don’t know if you’re like me but sometimes planning my next 5 minutes is stressful enough-let alone trying to plan a much-needed vacation. Whether it be the quiet bungalows in an exotic rainforest, a long cruise, or white sand beaches, vacation planning can be outright stressful.

There are questions to ask like:

  • Does the place fit everyone’s definition of fun?

  • It is safe?

  • Deciding on food, travel, and lodging or

  • Realizing you probably need to just go alone and then realizing you have friends for a reason so then let’s ask

  • Is it affordable for everyone? And then

  • Let's set the itinerary

  • Making sure everyone arrives on time

  • Make sure the husband and kids and dog don’t fall apart without you

  • Making sure you’ve cleaned out the fridge. Smell of rotting meat anyone?

Whew! Because of all the things that can happen when you just need to get away, all-in-one excursions have been on the rise.

According to an article on Travel Weekly, “The all-inclusive resort model is on the rise. Still a small percentage of hotels and resorts overall, the concept is quickly expanding in its Caribbean and Mexican strongholds, as well as in farther-flung, less beach-centric locations.”


If you’re not looking for the beach vacation, try an all-in-one excursion trip with your girls to an award show, sporting events such as NBA All Star Weekend, Super Bowl or the Kentucky Derby, or how about Fashion Week’s in New York or Miami.

Chantil Minton, a retired Major from the U.S. Army, saw the need to break away from the traditional vacation route, so she created travel excursions with Black Card Travel Society where women can enjoy attending or going to celebrity studded events such as The Billboard Music Awards, The American Music Awards, etc.

Instead of worrying about your hotel, hair, makeup, food and missing out on your fitness routine, Black Card Travel Society includes an amenity of these services in their all-in-one packages.