3 Ways to Avoid Vacation Ghosting

Vacation ghosting- when one person makes all the plans for the group trip of a lifetime and one by one, everyone starts to bail until there is no one left going but you and the cat.

This is a common phenomenon happening to travel goers as cheaper group vacations are on the rise. So how do you avoid being the person who books, schedules, and looks up every detail of the trip only to be left with no one attending?

Here are a few tips:

  • Use the 6-4-2 Plan. Six weeks out from your trip you should have all the money collected. Four weeks out make sure everyone who paid is still attending and two weeks out everyone should be ready to go with all the details for the trip.

  • Research the cancellation policy- Don’t get stuck with a deposit you can’t get back. Make sure you keep a close eye on the policy for the actual vacation excursions and hotels.

  • Book excursions that fit all personality types- Have a lot of opinionated people in your group? Allow each person to do something on the vacay that fits their needs.

Finally if all thus fails, try an all-in-one travel excursion and not a full on vacation. Event Travel experiences are fun ways to attend cool events such as award shows, professional sporting events, music festivals and fashion shows as with Black Card Travel Society.

Instead of worrying about your accommodations, hair, makeup, transportation and missing out on your fitness routine, Black Card Travel Society includes an amenity of these services in their all-in-one packages where individuals pay for their own package so no one loses if they can’t attend as a group. Not to mention the trip includes upscale accommodations or a mansion/private estate stay, black car travel, on site hair and makeup, and group outings and fitness events.