Meet the Owner - Retired Army Vet Launches an Upscale Travel Group for Women

After spending years working hard, serving your country and raising children, what do you do, well you travel of course. U.S. Army Veteran Major Chantil Minton Ret., started Black Card Travel Society as a way to give women the breaks they deserve without the stress of travel planning.

These travel experiences are not vacations- they are 3 to 4 day trips where women can enjoy attending amazing events such as The Billboard Music Awards, Super Bowl and New York Fashion Week. Instead of worrying about your hotel, hair, makeup, food and missing out on your fitness routine, Black Card Travel Society includes an amenity of these services in their all-in-one packages.

“I knew I had something special after seeing the way women bond on these trips. Some of the ladies are moms, single women, divorcees, widows, still working etc.,” says Minton. These trips attract women from all walks of life who have one thing in common – a need to finally relax and be catered to. We would get together in the mansions and laugh, cry, talk, share, cry some more, all while having celebrity chefs cook for us, go out to a great event, work out together and more. That’s what we do here at Black Card Travel Society, we make luxury a lifestyle.”

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